Parent Child Interactive Therapy – PCIT

Parent Child Interactive Therapy – PCIT

Parent Child Interactive therapy is a method of play therapy that is done between the child and their caregiver, facilitated by the therapist, to better the parent-child relationship and manage behavior. This is an evidence-based treatment and is set up so that the parent and child are in a room together, while the therapist observes from another room giving guidance. This creates a sense of warmth and structure in the relationship. This technique allows education and training through child development to decrease negative behaviors and teach appropriate expectations and positive behaviors through problem solving and real-time feedback for each family’s specific needs.

Our Values and Principles

Our work is guided by several important values and principles that we feel contribute to the strong, trusting and respectful connections our clients form with our therapists.


  • Individual Counseling
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  • Family Therapy
  • Parent Child Interactive Therapy - PCIT
  • Substance Abuse Evaluations
  • Play Therapy
  • OWI Evaluations
  • Children in the Middle Class