Children in the Middle Class

Children in the Middle Class

The Children in the Middle class offered by CIE is designed to help parents address the needs of their children during the process of divorce and custody arrangements. While this course is primarily designed for divorcing parents, the information also applies to all parents whether co-parenting or in single parenting situations.

Topics covered in the class include but are not limited to:

      • The critical importance of effective communication/language to assist children during turbulent times.
      • Navigating through parental conflict.
      • How to speak with children about their parents’ divorce, separation or modification.
      • Protective factors to help children transition.
      • Custody Issues.
      • How stages of development affect reactions and how parents can help children of all ages.
      • The importance of cooperative co-parenting.
      • Issues regarding post-marriage dating.

Additional Webinar Information

    • As the class if offered in a live format, participants are required to complete the class in its entirety.
    • Once registered you will receive a confirmation email which will contain individual specific information on how to join the webinar. Learning materials will be emailed to all participants in advance of the class. If you do not receive class materials please email
    • Compliance/attention measures will be employed during the class which will be required to be reported by attendee in order to receive a certificate of completion.
    • You must be registered for the class; attend the entire session and respond to all compliance measures to receive a certificate of completion.
    • Certificates of completion will be emailed to each participant within 24 hours of class completion.
    • Questions will be addressed throughout the class along with a Q&A forum at the end of class.
    • You are not required to have a camera or microphone on your device to watch and listen to the Webinar. Questions can be submitted in writing during the webinar as well as during the open Q & A.
    • Cost of the class is $45.
    • For additional information please call 515-289-9136 or email
    • Useful Device System Requirement Information
    Please note: “On-line” classes have not been approved by all Judicial Districts in Iowa (e.g.; 5th Judicial District). However, on March 17, 2020 the Iowa Supreme Court In the Matter of Ongoing Provisions For Coronavirus/COVID 19 Impact on Court Services noted “District courts may approve attendance at an on-line course for purposes of compliance with Iowa Code section 598.15.” Notwithstanding this most recent statement by the Iowa Supreme Court, interested attendees should consult with their attorney or obtain clarification from their district court to ensure full compliance with Iowa Code section 598.15.

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